And so to close…

Have you had this experience?  You have flogged your guts out for over 7 hours training a group of delegates, you feel that the learning has gone well, they were receptive and they have participated well.

And yet the end of the course seems to end with a fizzle, rather than a bang.

This has happened to me several times since Christmas.  I seem to put so much effort into the day and the content but feel I miss something.

So how do you close you training events?

I have a variety of different routes that I go down.  Unfortunately the larger the client, the more likely that they will want at least two sides of A4 full of questions answering.  This forms part of their structured evaluation process.

If this isn’t the case I use my own very short evaluation. Or even better, I like to ask delegates to share their action points from the course and we then schedule a phone call at least 6 weeks in advance where everyone can dial in and we have a chat as a group about where they are with those actions.  What has gone well and what could have gone even better.

I also try to include some form of self reflection on the day for delegates, one of my favourite ways to do this is the dice exercise…invite delegates to roll a dice and depending on what number they get, they have to answer the corresponding numbered question:-

  1. State the most important fact you have learned today
  2. Give an example of how you will change your working practice after the course
  3. Talk for one minute about what you have learned
  4. What difficulties will you face?
  5. Give another member of the group a piece of positive advice
  6. Give yourself a piece of positive advice

So what do you do?  What are your evaluation mechanisms?  How do you close?  Do you have any recommendations that you can share with our Bridge 2 Learning fellows?

Belinda Coaten


About bridge2learninguk

Bridge2Learning is a brand new, informal professional networking group for training professionals in the East of England (and beyond!). As HR and training consultants, we’ve come to realise that, although business networking opportunities are plentiful, the chance to meet up with other like-minded professionals in the local areas are few and far between. We figured we can’t be the only people who think this so we’ve decided to do something about it, and we’ve set up Bridge2Learning as a way to connect people to others and provide access to affordable professional development that doesn’t involve a whole day out and hundreds of pounds.
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3 Responses to And so to close…

  1. Hi Belinda

    Enjoyed reading your piece. You seem to have plently of options to close down your sessions. just ask delegates to rell me two things they are doing better as a result of attending, one thing they still need to develop and specific activities coming up back at work where they can apply what they have learned. After this, they complete an evaluation which I collate and send to my client sponsor.

    I’d be interested in finding out more about your network. I’m based near Diss in Norfolk.

    Kind regards

    Chris Hipkiss

    • Thanks for this post Chris.

      Our next meeting is on the 17th of May, we will be posting further details soon. It would be good to meet you. Spookily I was in Diss quite recently.

      We also have a LinkedIn group called Bridge2Learning if you would like to join us there too.


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