Love IT? on 14.2.14

Luv I.T on Valentines Day? Learn all about Prezi & Social Media for Learning & Development

computer-love Prezi is a presentation tool that is taking the professional world by storm. Love it or hate it, or maybe you’ve never even heard of it? Prezi is a tool that every professional communicator should consider as a tool to help them stand out as they stand up to speak.

So if you’d like an insight into how you could use it to add a little lift to your presentations and training materials, come and meet the man who, literally, wrote the book…Jim Harvey.

You will learn:-

What exactly Prezi is
What it can, and can’t do
How you might utilise this new technology to improve your services or products

Topic 2 – Social Media For Learning & Development Professionals?

Ann Hawkins, has spent the last 12 months interviewing the best practitioners in the Social Media world. What has emerged from this research is that social media marketing is not working, but that businesses can use social networks in many useful ways. Join us to find out about “The Social Media Opportunity for Learning & Development professionals”.

You will learn:

How to decide on the social strategy for your business.
How to measure the ROI (return on investment) of your efforts.
How to find and engage with the influencers in your sector.

About Our Speakers:-

Jim Harvey is a speech writer, consultant and trainer with global experience in all sectors, helping people and businesses sell their stuff to the best of their abilities.

That means, training their people, helping them polish their support materials, and sharpen their messaging, marketing and sales efforts.

In 21 years of consulting he has started, developed and sold 3 businesses specialising in personal development, business improvement and sales and marketing.

Ann Hawkins is producer of The Social Media Show, presenter of The Business Hub and founder of The Inspired Group.

Businesses can’t stand still. They need to go through critical periods of growth and that means learning new things and coping with change. In her role as a mentor Ann has helped many small businesses to cope with these exciting but confusing times and come out the other side making more profit.

Book Your Ticket(s)

We will meet at 9am for coffee/tea and chat. Content of the meeting will kick off at 9.30. We normally conclude for 12.30pm leaving you the rest of the day free or as its Friday!?



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