Getting in the mood – 20 September 2013

Image courtesy of sdmania

Image courtesy of sdmania

How often have you had to deliver training to a group of people who clearly didn’t want to be there? Have you sometimes struggled to get a response from people who were reluctant to join in?

Often people are sent on a training course without having any choice and without really knowing why they’re there or what they’ll get from it.

The result is that they are, at best, indifferent and, at worst, hostile to whatever you’re trying to do. So you struggle to grab their attention or to get any positive response from them. That’s when you start to realise that you maybe should have asked more questions before you agreed to do the training. You also start to think there must be easier ways to make a living.

This session, led by Alan Matthews, will give you some practical tips on how to turn reluctant prisoners into enthusiastic learners.

It will also raise crucial questions about how you, as an independent trainer, work with your client organisations to make sure the training you carry out has a real impact.

You will learn:

  • what a “receptive state” for learning looks like
  • why “ being in the mood “ is vital for adult learners
  • what you need to do before the training even begins
  • the way many organisations unintentionally undermine the impact of training and what to do about it
  • the questions you must answer before you can start training
  • how to work with client organisations to make sure your training makes an impact
  • how to deal with resistance right at the start
  • the small steps you can take to make a big difference

The session will be interactive, entertaining and challenging!

Where and When

This event will be held on Friday 20th September 2013 at  the Old Bridge, Huntingdon (click here for location and directions) and as is traditional, we’ll be kicking off at 09.00 with tea and coffee on arrival and will provide refreshments throughout the morning. There will be plenty of time to meet and network with each other throughout the morning and we aim to finish at around 12.30. The cost for the meeting is £19.99.

Please book by clicking here.

Speaker Profile

Alan Matthews runs Transform Your Training and works with organisations to improve the quality and impact of their training. He specialises in Train the Trainer workshops and courses. He works with training teams, often subject specialists or technical people, who want to convert dull, dry or complex material into lively and engaging training.

He is the author of the book ‘How To Design And Deliver Great Training’, which is available on Amazon.

He has been involved in learning and development for over 20 years and has delivered highly technical training (in Tax Law) as well as a wide range of soft skills training.


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