Communication Gymnastics – 6 December 2013


Most people would agree that communication is key to business success, yet poor communication  is often cited as a cause of problems for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

We are delighted to welcome Piers Smith to share with us the “Gymnastic Training” method – an effective and fun method of action learning which focuses on the intention behind each communication, and encourages people to have a real ‘work out’ in areas where they feel least skilled or confident.

The training provides a map of interpersonal communications based on John Heron’s Six Category Intervention Analysis’. The map and associated tools offer ways of describing and reflecting on different types of communication, an insight into how communication can degenerate and some tips on how to recover and get back on track if that happens.

In this workshop, Piers  will be outlining the model and demonstrating some of the unique training methods Heron developed. He will explain the 6 different ways we communicate with others, and show us how we can do some communication gymnastics, giving the ‘muscles’ we don’t use much a bit of a workout.

Where and When

This event will be held on Friday 6th December 2013 at  the Old Bridge, Huntingdon (click here for location and directions) and as is traditional, we’ll be kicking off at 09.00 with tea and coffee on arrival and will provide refreshments throughout the morning. There will be plenty of time to meet and network with each other throughout the morning and we aim to finish at around 12.30. The cost for the meeting is £19.99.

Please book by clicking here.

Speaker Profile

Piers Smith qualified as a teacher in 1976 and completed John Heron’s ‘Six Category Intervention Analysis’ Training for Trainers’ at the Human Potential Research Project, University of Surrey in 1984.

He has worked as a manager in the field of adult social care for over 20 years, for 7 years  as Director of Supported Housing for Westward Housing Group and most recently as an independent consultant and trainer.


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